Travel sickness, Texas and Turbulence

Yesterday didn’t quite seem real, from the 3am start to the check in I felt as though I was wondering round in a dream like trance. Goodbyes were the hardest part but the reality of not seeing the people who have shaped me over the last 18 years just didn’t seem real. Part of me felt like any minute I’d get back into my mom’s car and travel back to the small town I call home. But I didn’t. And, after 10 hours we landed in Texas. With heavy turbulence; a pretty harsh air hostess who took an instant dislike to me and Fi after we tried to order a glass of wine or twelve (forgot the whole 21 thing in the USA) ;and poor Lauryn bringing up the entire contents of her stomach; it finally hit me… No turning back now. 

But, after what will most likely be my last hot shower for a year and a sleep in the world’s comfiest bed, I am pretty excited. Today’s airport run has been much smoother than yesterdays and was lightened up by the Scots getting their results, shout out to Lauryn and Kirsten!Now as we are 5000 ft somewhere above Mexico listening to a pretty heated conversation in Spanish between the couple behind me, I can’t wait to spend a week in Gracia’s with the girls in Lempira before we travel to Candelaria to meet our family.


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