Candelaria… Our new home

So yesterday we woke up early in preparation for our journey to Candelaria anxious to make good impressions, we were told we would have left by 10 but by 5 in the afternoon we were still at guancascos. This is true to Honduran time keeping and so we are just embracing the unknown and trying not to get stressed (easier said than done). By half 5 our host mother Saida rang to say Carmello was here to collect us so we were bundled into the back of his truck and set off on the 90 km journey; in Britain 90km would take you about an hour, however in Honduras, it obviously had to take 4. Imagine the bumpiest, most pot hole covered dirt track in the mountains and times it by 100 and you still aren’t there. The journey was so had the tyre of the truck poped twice and again in true Honduran style it was fixed with a bicycle pump. By 10pm we had arrived in a pitch black Candelaria and were welcomed by two huge hugs in the form of Daniella and Jaime, our two oldest host sisters along with Saida and Victor and Lety who are our official hosts. Everyone was lovely and really made us feel welcome.

Today has been hard, it’s definitely hit home we are here for a year and I have shed a tear or two, we have unpacked and decorated our rooms which helps and the girls have showed us how to get to work in the morning and given us a tour of Candelaria. Everything is just very overwhelming, nobody else here can speak any English so trying to understand fast, Latin American Spanish is tiring and seeing as though the local market set up at 3 am this morning we haven’t had much sleep anyway. But Candelaria is very beautiful and our host family are really friendly so I think although it may take us a while we are going to love it here.

Chloe x


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