The good, the bad and the allergic reaction.

I’m writing this from a little yellow hotel in Mapulaca, an hour’s drive from Candelaria, just on the El Salvador boarder. We are spending the night here so we can get the bus at 3.30 am tomorrow to see Holly and Kirsten for the weekend in Tomola, thanks to the lack of roads and public transport in Lempira a journey that should take 2 hours takes a whole day, and, currently we have no way of getting home on Sunday. However, we agreed we needed a change of scenery and that if we had another 3am wake up from the market setting up outside our window (a hole in the wall) we may just scream. 

So today we finished our first teaching week, Monday got off to a less than great start ,as, due to the people of Candelaria being scared to death by the solar eclipse most lessons were cancelled. And, on Tuesday after a few more hiccups due to the the organisation that leaves oh so much to be desired here we started on our timetable. We teach kinder from 8 am, then teach 3 hours at the primary school before teaching 2-5.30 at the high school. All of my classes are very eager to learn English, however that can’t be said for some of the Honduran teachers who sometimes come into my classroom and try (unsuccessfully of course) to translate what I am saying into Spanish.  As we don’t have a curriculum to follow Lauryn and I are left to our own devices, and due to lack of resources like paper and colours we play lots of games and do lots of our teaching outside to keep attention. This doesn’t apply to my rather rebellious 6th grade who enjoy playing with their machetes during English ( yes they all sit with huge knives under their desks and wave them around ) and attempting to hit each other with the Kane. Although,when I brought out the stickers to reward the only 3 and perfectly behaved girls, I was surprised at how eager they were to compete for a Wilkinson’s finest “good boy” sticker (note to self buy more stickers).

Now I suppose you are wondering about the allergic reaction part of the title ( refer to pictures below).Yes, I have already had the pleasure of visiting the local doctors clinic. Which is a room with a bed in someone’s house. Due to my rather excessive insect bites ( which the women of Candelaria love to comment on, yes I know my legs are all red and spotty, I cant help it) my body rejected the poison and I woke Lauryn up crying at 5 am as my face ballooned and my eyes were so swollen they wouldn’t open. Thankfully, Saida (our host mom) took is straight to the clinic and after a forceful injection in my butt and a cocktail of drugs I am back to normal. Well as normal as I ever was. 

Yesterday we enjoyed balleadas with Jessica and Erik, however our quiet night turned into a debate on pronunciation and our attempt to speak Spanish was cut short by the lovely Honduran man in Candelaria on business who wanted to improve his English. Overall, every week we are feeling more at home, and hopefully soon we will have some more friends our own age ( at the moment we have Jessica, Erik and lots of 7 year olds).




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